10 marketing mistakes that will destroy your business



Everyone makes mistakes. And so are the marketers. But, if some mistakes bring nothing but shame, then the failures of marketers can ruin an entire company. Any mistake carries with it negative consequences of one size or another. But you can try to avoid them if you know what exactly can lead to business failure. Therefore, we have collected for you 10 of the most common fakups in our selection.

Mistake 1. Not paying enough attention to the site

Saving on development, making a bright but completely non-functional design, focusing only on products, ignoring the service, not ordering SEO, not blogging – this is just the tip of the “iceberg” called “and so it will do”. It is foolish to assume that the site does not play a big role in increasing sales and brand promotion. Today, almost 100% of users first look at information on the Internet, and only then make a purchase decision. Broken site, inconvenient interface, outdated design are not credible. And besides, your resource must be visible in search engines. And here you can’t do without quality SEO.

Mistake 2. Not adapting the site to mobile devices

Today, everyone has a phone in their pocket. And it is not used for calls – the number of purchases from smartphones is steadily growing every year. And if you are sure that a regular website is enough, then this mistake can cost your business dearly. A mobile version or your own application is a must-have for a successful business, and this moment is especially important for the trade sector.

Mistake 3. Ignore social networks

Your business should be on social media. Until a few years ago, marketers believed that a social media account was the prerogative of online stores or news portals. But today is the time for a change. If your company does not have a page on social networks, this is extremely suspicious. You may not even have a website (for a small business with a narrowly focused specificity, this is normal), but not existing on social networks means not existing online at all. You don’t have to register everywhere. Choose the network that best suits your product.

Mistake 4. Focus on everyone

The most ineffective way to spend your advertising budget is to make a campaign targeting everyone: all residents of the region under 18 or all iPhone users. Narrow down your target audience. Study the demographic and social characteristics of your customers.

Mistake 5. Obsessing over personalization

And this is the other side of the coin. If you compete too much for the attention of each customer and offer them overly personalized offers, it can play a cruel joke with your marketing campaign. Are you sure that a girl who regularly orders pizza has suddenly not switched to a healthy lifestyle? And you still tell her to order a double cheese pizza in the weekly newsletter.

Mistake 6. Not using all communication channels

A successful business tries to make the most of all resources for brand presentation and communication with the audience. If you:

  • ignore comments and reviews;
  • don’t make useful videos;
  • do not implement a chat on the site or the ability to make a call directly from the browser;
  • do not use all the possibilities of social networks, including targeted advertising;
  • do not pay attention to abandoned “carts” on the site, etc.,

the return on customers will be minimal. This means that you will not find out about their real needs and will not be able to offer a suitable product.

Mistake 7. Work on expanding your customer base, forgetting to retain the existing one

Don’t underestimate those who have trusted you for years. Attracting new customers is important, but only half the battle. It costs about 5-6 times more to acquire a new client than to retain an existing one. Don’t forget about loyalty and motivation programs for your regular customers. This approach will definitely bring profit.

Mistake 8. Trying to embrace the immensity alone

It is impossible to be equally successful and professional enough in everything. Trust the work of specialized specialists. Don’t be afraid to delegate authority. And if you are faced with ambitious tasks that need to be implemented in a short time, hire a team of professionals to outsource. Don’t overestimate your capabilities.

Mistake 9. Don’t set goals

Marketers must set goals. Realistic and understandable. Otherwise, the work will never be effective. Short-term and strategic, they should be clearly articulated and, if possible, expressed in numbers. “Reach 1,000 new customers by the end of the year” is a good goal. Make sure the goals and objectives for achieving them are understood and shared by all team members. Otherwise, you will pull the “cart” alone and hope that no one is acting to your detriment.

Mistake 10. Not learning new things

The biggest mistake a marketer can make is to do everything “at random” or mindlessly copy the actions of other people. If you do not follow the trends, do not constantly learn something new, you run the risk of hopelessly falling behind reality. It is impossible to do effective marketing based only on your personal preferences. It is impossible to achieve success without understanding the essence of what you are doing. It is important to remember that the task of marketing is to solve the customer’s problem, to convey the value of your product using numerous tools. And in order to use these tools for the good of the company, you need to keep your finger on the pulse at all times.

Healthy Network Marketing: Where To Get Started?

It’s never too late to correct mistakes. It is worth starting your journey towards the right marketing with high-quality training and study of your target audience. And in order to make yourself known on the Internet and become a successful company, you need to start your own website:

  • Development or revision. No advertising campaigns will bring the desired results if your site is not performing its function. Therefore, if you already have a website, conduct a thorough audit and fix the problems. If you are just going to develop it, be sure to consider all the SEO requirements.
  • Optimization. The basis for promoting a web resource. Without high-quality SEO, it is impossible to achieve high site positions in the search results. If you want your customers to find your site, be sure to pay attention to external and internal optimization.
  • Research and analysis of competitors. They are needed not only to develop an effective marketing strategy but also to create a website that will perform all the functions assigned to it.
  • Promotion. Without it, users won’t know about your company. High-quality content, SEO, external and internal links are the required minimum of work for a successful promotion.

Then it is worth paying attention to developing a long-term and short-term business strategy:

  • Study your target audience and develop a unique selling proposition.
  • Collect as much information as possible about market performance, competitors, and customer preferences and conduct a thorough analysis of the data.
  • Set up all communication channels with users: social networks, display, and contextual advertising, forums, blogs, etc.

And then your task is to constantly work on yourself and improve your skills. Remember that the one who does nothing is not wrong. But you can try to minimize the number of errors. Learn to recognize and eliminate the consequences of marketing fakups in time. Gain experience and don’t rely only on yourself. Choose competent professionals who will help you ensure effective business promotion and create a strategy for the long term. ICON digital agency employs just such professionals in their field – we will help you create a site of any type, we will promote and advise on all issues of Internet marketing.

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