Contextual advertising is a quick way to get into the top search results of Google and Yandex search engines for targeted queries. Unlike SEO promotion, it brings a lightning effect. You can only get contextual advertising that will effectively attract target customers and bring in the desired revenue if you set it up and manage it with specialists who are perfectly familiar with the language and technical nuances.

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Denis Averin,

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Where is it placed?

Contextual advertising – a kind of online ads that are shown together with search results of Google and Yandex according to the requests of users. Ad blocks are placed above and below the output – the first 3-4 lines at the top and 3-5 lines at the bottom.

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Attention to people. Attention of people.

Contextual advertising helps to get really interested visitors through text ads placed in the most popular search engines, such as: Google, Yandex, Rambler. Thus, you can increase the traffic of targeted site visitors and significantly increase sales by 15-40%.

The peculiarity of contextual advertising is that payment is charged only for those visitors who follow this link to your site, from there the name (Pay Per Click - PPC)

Why should you order contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising helps to get really interested visitors with the help of text ads placed in the most popular search engines, such as: Google, Yandex. Thus, you can increase the traffic of targeted visitors to the site and significantly increase sales (by 15-40%).

  • Get closer to your customers
  • Get a new sales channel
  • Increase profits
  • Control your business
  • Do not be limited by geography (contextual advertising in Ukraine and other countries)

Project Launched

ICON was officially launched in 2020 and still gaining their portfolio. Join our portfolio list today!

Stages of work



In order to assess the prospects of an advertising campaign, you first need to analyze the business. We take into account the specifics, consumer profile, and impact mechanics. It is also important to check the landing page, since the problem of lack of sales may be a non-performing site.If this is not fixed, then no advertising of the site in Google or Yandex will help.


Keyword selection

We collect semantics — commercial queries that will lead potential buyers to your site. The correct keyword list will ensure that people are interested, so contextual advertising aimed at the United States will not appear in Canada or any other region or country if it is not necessary. What is important is that this will save you money if you pay for the show / clicks.


Setting up targeting

After the first two stages, it's time for the most important thing - targeting . The cost of advertising on the Internet also depends on how detailed you describe the portrait of a potential customer: geography, age, interests, etc.


Budget calculation

Setting up contextual advertising for Google Adwords and Yandex Direct are impossible without the effective distribution of the allocated funds. Selecting sites and taking demand into account, we make the most efficient timeline, considering the seasonality of products and other conditions that are important for your business.


Project completion

When the ad campaign is set up, we prepare detailed reports on the work that has been done, in which we describe all the details. We coordinate all the nuances with the customer. Then we move on to the next stage – management and optimization.


Maintenance and audit

Any work needs to be evaluated, because working with statistics helps to find weak spots and look for ways to improve. For this purpose, we regularly monitor the effectiveness of advertising companies, so that the client knows about their position in the market.

Why «Icon»?

  • A team of certified professionals in Google Adwords and Yandex Direct
  • Quick launch of advertising campaigns
  • Average increase in CTR by 2.5 times
  • Careful campaign development and elimination of non-targeted requests
  • Daily analysis and tracking of performance
  • The formation of the client reporting
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Search and contextual ads are a universal format for active sales that is suitable for advertising all products and services.

Operational support

Timely assistance and advice of a personal manager on issues of interest to you and their prompt solution

Target customers

We focus on target visitors. When a user finds exactly what they are looking for, the conversion probability is maximized and the advertising campaign is effective

Brand awareness and identity

The effect of advertising is not limited to the number of clicks on the site. Frequent ad impressions increase your brand awareness among your audience

Increase in conversion and profit

We clearly understand the purpose of your advertising and strive to bring a potential buyer to the site, not just a visitor.

Our works

Thosewho trusted us

We are proud to work with leaders in their industries and are thrilled to be their digital partner!

Price List

Our Pricing

We will find what is right for you.



¥2 000


  • 1Ads Campaign
  • 2Weeks of Management
  • Up to 25Keywords



¥4 000


  • 5 Ads Campaign
  • 3Weeks of Management
  • Up to 100Keywords



¥7 000


  • Up to 15Ads Campaign
  • 2Month of Management
  • Up to 1000Keywords



We have live support
Our support team is always ready to help you. We will answer your questions in any convenient way: by chat, by phone and even on social networks. It's free and available for any plan.

Contextual advertising is something that can start generating traffic right now and only now. As long as the advertiser pays for clicks, he gets live traffic to his sites.

Contextual advertising is a paid service that requires a budget. Its cost depends on the set of keywords by which buyers can find you, as well as on the competitiveness of the query in the auction.

The price includes:
- development of an individual advertising strategy;
- setting up an advertising campaign;
- creation of text advertising;
- recommendations for site optimization;
- regular monitoring and analytics;
- reporting and recommendations;
- technical support and problem solving.

The whole team is focused on working according to the high development standards adopted by Verstkovo. Thanks to this, we guarantee the delivery of projects on time, the result corresponding to expectations and the return on your investment in our work.


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