Based on the most current digital marketing trends, we at ICON bring you all the most effective website and product promotion tools that will instantly bring you more customers and profits, and optimize your customer experience.

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Online chat

Chatting has become commonplace for everyone in the modern world, this type of communication is the most comfortable for buyers. Using the chat will help you to engage potential customers in correspondence on the site, and to receive the necessary data from customers, on the basis of which you will be able to make the most suitable offer and increase sales by more than 30%.


Quiz is an interesting and convenient way of interacting with potential customers, which is often used to increase the number of applications. It is important that Quiz is gaining more and more popularity in digital marketing, as it allows the buyer to easily make a choice and quickly select the most suitable product for him, and the seller to get the customer’s contacts and make the most suitable offer.

Quiz is one of the most effective tools if you want to:

  • Get more orders
  • Reduce the cost of the application
  • Warm up the client's interest in a product or service

Catalogue Design

A catalog is one of the most effective methods to show all the advantages of your product and to persuade him to buy, but for this your catalog must Sell! You can distribute your catalogs at thematic exhibitions, send them to clients from abroad, hand them over at a personal meeting with a client. A well-designed PRODUCT Catalog raises the level of your company in the eyes of the client, which brings you closer to the sale.

The catalog design implies a whole set of graphic and text tools that help to present your product from the best side, such as:

  • Text content
  • Literate translation
  • Form style
  • Graphic materials

We will make your catalog from scratch or improve and modify the existing one, as well as we will study your target customers in the market for the most complete understanding of what tasks the future product should solve.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system that helps control all communication channels with customers and automate sales. Instead of Excel tables, instant messengers, a lot of documents and running around offices, there is only one service. It includes programs for collecting customer data, managing deals, monitoring managers, analytics and forecasting. It simplifies the routine, speeds up making the right decisions and eliminates mistakes.

The advantages of using such systems:

  • A single database of customers and contractors, which stores all the collected data.
  • Transparency and control over the work of the sales department. It is immediately clear who is responsible for what tasks and at what stages of the transaction.
  • Accounting and analysis of statistics on the movement of orders. You can quickly determine whose fault the order failed, analyze the reasons and draw conclusions.
  • Based on statistics and analysis, you can predict revenue and plan the development of an enterprise.

Services will be useful to you if you want


Using these tools, you will greatly improve the efficiency of sales managers when interacting with potential customers, and you will also be able to track all stages of work with customers from visiting the site to completing the transaction.


All of the above services have been selected by us as the most effective tools that affect sales both in the local and international markets. We guarantee an increase in customer base and sales.


We guarantee full support after all the work we have done, so you can be sure that you can always change or improve something. Our main mission is to increase your sales. Therefore, we will choose and advise you on the best promotion strategy.


  • ICON is an entire marketing agency with 5 areas of activity
  • Experience in more than 100 different business fields, so most likely we already know all your pitfalls and all your specifics
  • Enter into a legal agreement that fully sets out your rights and our obligations with the terms and conditions

Stages of work



We analyze your website, company, product and target customers. We will also study the markets in which you want to promote your product and, based on the data obtained, we will select the necessary tools to increase sales and manage your activities.



After approval, based on the data obtained after analysis, our developers and content managers will start writing content, developing and installing tools that will suit your product, sales plan, website, company style, etc. Everything we do is in line with the latest marketing trends in the international market.


Delivery of work

We hand over the work to you within the agreed upon in advance, and after that we will optimize and refine all the nuances if necessary. You get tools that will increase your sales by at least 30% and help optimize all your company's activities.

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Why «Icon»?

  • Team of certified professionals
  • We're immersed in the specifics of the business.
  • We provide regular reports
  • We are recommended by past and current customers
  • We take an integrated approach to solving problems
  • Individualized approach
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Project Launched

ICON was officially launched in 2020 and still gaining their portfolio. Join our portfolio list today!



Search and contextual ads are a universal format for active sales that is suitable for advertising all products and services.

Get the customer interested

We will make it so that after visiting your site, the client is interested in your product and leaves a request with his contact information, with which your sales manager can continue to work

Operational support

Timely assistance and advice of a personal manager on issues of interest to you and their prompt solution

Brand awareness and identity

The effect of advertising is not limited to the number of clicks on the site. The most important thing is how effectively your website solves a customer to a deal

Increase in conversion and profit

We clearly understand the purpose of your goals, and after attracting a potential buyer to the site, we will do everything for the client to make a purchase

Our works

Thosewho trusted us

We are proud to work with leaders in their industries and are thrilled to be their digital partner!



We have live support
Our support team is always ready to help you. We will answer your questions in any convenient way: by chat, by phone and even on social networks. It's free and available for any plan.

All of the above services are a standard list of what we recommend to use in every project. Each project is individual and in the process of work we will offer you the most optimal way to increase sales. We also provide various other services to optimize sales, depending on the requirements and wishes of the customer.

Oh sure. Before the delivery of the project, we will train you or your staff to work with all the tools, and tell you about all the possibilities and nuances.


After creating the site, the logical continuation will be Promotion

Website Development

A website is a necessary attribute for any business, especially for those who work in the international market.

SEO Services

SEO promotion is a set of works aimed at increasing free site traffic through search results for targeted queries.

Contextual ADS

Contextual advertising is a quick way to get into the TOP of search engines Google and Yandex for targeted queries.