A website is a necessary attribute for any business, especially for those who work in the international market. Today, a multifunctional website is available for any company that is familiar with the concept of corporate identity and corporate culture.

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Denis Averin,

Founder of ICON, Marketer


Corporate Website

A corporate website is a kind of “face” of the company, so a competent design and architecture of the resource, designed to make the right impression on visitors, are of critical importance. The site must match the general style of the company. Depending on the type of business, it is possible to stick to minimalism or create something bright and complex.


VCard Website

A vCard website is an effective way to increase revenue for You and your business. Such a website usually consists of 4-10 pages. This is the so-called business card of a person on the Internet, which introduces visitors to the basic information related to your activities and services. Thanks to the creation speed, price and efficiency, vCard has become a very popular product in the field of site development.

Landing Page

A landing page is a page on your site that is designed to convert visitors into leads. Typically, this is a single-page site that briefly and concisely presents information about a service or product, which allows you to increase the effectiveness of advertising. Visitors get to landing pages through advertising or advertising, email newsletters. The main task of landing sites is to convert users into a lead or buyer, and encourage them to complete a target action. This action can be: purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, registering, downloading, or sending contacts.


When creating websites, we are guided by three principles


Any user should understand where each link leads to and where to look for information. Quick search, thoughtful navigation, minimum number of clicks to go to the desired section.


Adaptability and SEO

The site's adaptability to any mobile device and optimization for search engines is essential.

Speed and stability

Pages must load quickly, which also depends on the specific load of the website's pages and the correct hosting settings.


  • ICON is an entire marketing agency with 5 areas of activity
  • Experience in more than 100 different business fields, so most likely we already know all your pitfalls and all your specifics
  • Enter into a legal agreement that fully sets out your rights and our obligations with the terms and conditions

Stages of work


Business analysis

We analyze the topic, competitors, and segment the target audience. We make requirements for the site's interface and structure based on SEO standards. Based on the analysis, we provide the customer with several layouts (prototypes) for the site.


Technical preparation

To ensure stable and fast access to the site from all over the world, we will select and configure a server that meets your requirements. We will also register a suitable domain name if you don't have one yet.


Creating a structure

We develop a map of the site structure and navigation so that the site leads users to the planned goal. We develop technical recommendations for text content in accordance with the requirements of SEO.


Design development

We select the visual components of the site and work through the interface elements in accordance with the approved layout (prototype), the customer's wishes and modern requirements of web design.



We adapt the site to the mobile version, as well as to all screen resolutions and device types. Add various animations and debugging the correct display of all elements. Test the site loading speed in all browsers and in different regions of the world.


Launching the site

After all the steps have been completed, we transfer all access to the customer. And you get a fully effective website with a high conversion rate ready for promotion.

Adaptive design

Depending on the user’s device, the site changes the location and size of blocks, which allows the user to comfortably interact with the content and navigate through the site’s pages. Adaptive layout and design is not just a fashion statement, but a necessity for a successful website today, as more and more users visit websites from mobile devices and tablet computers.

Besides, search engines such as Google and Yandex have included the availability of site version for mobile devices in the ranking factors, so the adaptive layout became a mandatory attribute for a successful ranking in search engines.


Project Launched

ICON was officially launched in 2020 and still gaining their portfolio. Join our portfolio list today!

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Why «Icon»?

  • Team of certified professionals
  • We're immersed in the specifics of the business.
  • We provide regular reports
  • We are recommended by past and current customers
  • We take an integrated approach to solving problems
  • Individualized approach
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We Understand


We do not force you to understand all the intricacies of website development - we take care of all technical issues and concerns. All you need is to contact ICON, have a constructive conversation with our specialist and a little patience.


He'll fully immerse in your project and will not be asking the same questions over and over again.


Your text edits will be made at any time when creating the site, and no additional fee will be charged for this


Payment for the site is divided into 2 parts and you pay the last part after full acceptance of the project


The entire process is divided into numerous steps, so you know exactly when and what will be done

Our works

Thosewho trusted us

We are proud to work with leaders in their industries and are thrilled to be their digital partner!

Price List

Our Pricing

We will find what is right for you.




¥6 000


  • Adaptability
  • Optimization
  • BasicSEO
  • BasicSite Filling
  • ManagementTraining




¥7 000


  • Adaptability
  • Optimization
  • BasicSEO
  • BasicSite Filling
  • ManagementTraining




¥3 000


  • Adaptability
  • Optimization
  • BasicSEO
  • BasicSite Filling
  • ManagementTraining



We have live support
Our support team is always ready to help you. We will answer your questions in any convenient way: by chat, by phone and even on social networks. It's free and available for any plan.

The site is an effective tool for business development, no matter whether you provide services or goods, the site will be useful in any field of activity. Your potential clients will be able to visit the ordered site and, if submitted correctly, will bring to your business a tangible increase in calls, applications, sales.

We develop custom-made websites for any field of activity, we will orient the development of the site to achieve exactly your goals, it will certainly be convenient for both the administrator and the visitors of the resource.

As a rule, the technical assignment is written by the project manager responsible for your project. ICON understandably refers to the fact that when ordering a corporate website, 95% of owners have only a slightly chaotic set of necessary functions, a number of individual requirements due to the specifics of the business and a desire to get a perfectly working resource immediately after implementation.

We practice dialogues with the customer, consisting of open leading questions. This increases the duration of the preparation stage for writing the technical specification in comparison with other performers, but in the end we get a clear and coinciding understanding of what should be the result of our work.

The cost is directly influenced by the amount of time during which your idea will be implemented, as well as the cost of purchasing software and services (optional). For the development of a turnkey corporate website, specialists from all departments are involved: design, developers, marketers, project managers.

We carry out additional optimization of corporate websites if you are sure that more than 10 thousand visitors can simultaneously be on your site.

The whole team is focused on working according to the high development standards adopted by Verstkovo. Thanks to this, we guarantee the delivery of projects on time, the result corresponding to expectations and the return on your investment in our work.

The time of site development is influenced by the availability of the necessary information: texts, graphic images, an agreed prototype, as well as the technical component of the site.
On average, website development takes 14-30 days.


After creating the site, the logical continuation will be Promotion

SEO Services

Website promotion - a set of works aimed at increasing website traffic through the search results for targeted requests.

Contextual ADS

Contextual advertising is a quick way to get into the TOP of search engines Google and Yandex for targeted queries.

Sales optimization

The most effective promotion tools that will bring you more customers, profits and optimize your customer experience.